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Bladen Donegal Tweed Safari Suit

Bladen Donegal Tweed Safari Suit

I had the pleasure of visiting Stockholm for a week a short while ago attending some very interesting training at work.

While there, I visited the fabulous Country Sports Tweed shop, hoping to find a gem among their end of season sale.

While that didn't happen, I did find this fantastic three-piece suit from Bladen, with a jacket in safari-jacket style.


I always have trouble with off-the-rack sizing, but the gentlemen in the store were very helpful, allowing me to mix-and-match between sizes. I got a 36R jacket with 38L trousers. Obviously with the trousers being from a long-sized suit, they had to be shortened by something that felt like almost half a meter, but on the positive side, they had quite a high rise making the end-result quite flattering.

Alteration in Oslo

Off the rack there were a multitude of problems with the suit: It was too long in sleeves and jacket length, the trousers were a little too tight around the waist, and as mentioned almost half a meter too long. I also wanted some fundamental things changed on the trousers, namely removal of the belt loops and installation of side adjusters.

I decided to try out a new tailor for this, and found some really stellar online reviews of the tailor located in the basement of the shopping mall, Steen og Strøm here in Oslo.

I'm really happy with the result - he did everything I asked of him, and everything extremely perfect. Just look at the side adjusters he made out of some of the spare fabric:


This picture also shows a little more honestly how gorgeous the tweed is on this suit.

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