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Break your suit

Break your suit

Welcome to my blog.

This blog is about clothes, specifically mens clothes. This means that most things I write about are centered around clothes for the male body. Mostly because I identify as a man and write about stuff I would wear (or conversely, wouldn't wear).

This doesn't mean that it couldn't be worn by a female body. If you are a woman and often wear suits, shirts, ties, bowties, trousers and all the other things that are traditionally seen as menswear, it might just work for you. It might not, but then again, I write about stuff that works for me. That might also exclude a lot of men.

So why this blog? And what's with the title?

A broken suit is a suit where the individual pieces aren't of the same pattern. This isn't to say that this is how you should wear suits, or how I wear all suits. This ties in to a manifest that I would like to base this blog around; a manifest that I'm still in the process of formulating (or if you're reading this in the future, it might already be written).

The three theses of the broken suit manifest is as follows:

Death to the business suit

Reuse, alter, mix

Dare, be bold, humbly

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