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Outfit of the day April 13th 2018

Outfit of the day April 13th 2018

It's Friday, the one day of the week where it's almost guaranteed that I'll post a picture on instagram.

I was part of starting the bowtie Friday idea up a few years ago among some of my Danish friends - with the hashtag #fredagsbutterfly meaning Friday bowtie.

Today I'm wearing this gorgeous unconstructed tweed blazer from Cavaliere of Sweden, underneath a made to measure shirt from Crown Tailor, a bowtie from Grand Frank, and (not visible) made to measure trousers also from Crown Tailor.

There are a few things I think is very much worth getting made to measure, and for my part it is trousers and shirts.

I'm very much between sizes when it comes to both shirts and trousers, so getting them made to measure saves me the hassle of costly alterations that often don't turn out as I had hoped with the trousers, and may be too costly compared to the shirt price.

It's also spring in Oslo. I bought a little setup with chairs and a café table for my balcony yesterday, so I can sit in the sun and have lunches. It is absolutely wonderful right now.

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