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Made to measure update, part 2

Made to measure update, part 2

When I talk to my friends in the menswear industry, and they talk about made to measure, I realize that the experience I've had with Crown tailor is much, much closer to bespoke than what made to measure is now.

The people providing made to measure aren't usually tailors. They have a number of templates - suits in most normal sizes that they use as baseline and they then measure up the customers relative to the templates.

This is usually good enough, but it does require the one performing the measurements to have a keen eye on what needs adjusting and here there are things that is not quite apparent and hard to get right on the first go - arm hole placement comes to mind, and all adjustments regarding people with non-symetrical bodies.

These are the circumstances of made to measure, and everyone getting it should be clear about this.

Consequently so, there is no fitting process. Everything that would not be correctable on an off-the-rack suit, would not be correctable on made to measure either.

That is why I consider the first two suits I received from Crown Tailor as fittings, since everything I've received after these have been much better fitting than the first ones.

I digress, however, as I was to write about my new seersucker suit. A made to measure experience that did not quite go as planned, and a story that is not quite over yet.

I tried Olof1982's services. Olof runs a webshop with some gorgeous items, and he has quite recently started up his made to measure services, and he has an exquisite selection of fabrics. As I wrote about in an earlier post, I needed more summer clothes, so I contacted him over instagram about getting a seersucker suit made, and his prices were quite favorable, so I went ahead and ordered it.

I had to measure myself. I received a PDF with instructions on what to measure on an existing suit jacket, so I went ahead with that.

However, when I received the suit it was a disaster in terms of the jacket. It was way too small over the chest, causing it to bulge in the front quite unflattering.

The trousers were however just right.

Olof was really kind and service minded, and offered to replace the jacket as soon as a tailor had looked at it to make sure that it wasn't fixable, which it wasn't.

Not wanting to rely on my own measurements again, I made a deal with Olof to pop over to Gothenburg, where he made sure I got measured by the talented bespoke tailor Robin Pettersson.

I sincerely hope that the jacket will be ready for my holiday in a few weeks, but I doubt it. The trousers work well on their own fortunately.

The lesson here is: Be absolutely damn sure that your measurements are correct if you measure yourself. I failed here, so be careful. Also, I can really recommend Olof. He's a nice guy with a very good taste. Check out his stuff, I believe he has a sale right now.

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