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OOTD April 16th 2018

OOTD April 16th 2018

I posted another OOTD picture on instagram today.
It's quite a signature look for me for a number of reasons:

First of all the jacket I'm wearing is a rather faithful one. It's a made to
measure blazer I had made a while ago from Crown Tailor - I wanted something
with versatile that would go well with the colors I like to wear, so it's came out as this gray blazer with a brown pattern. I had it made with patch pockets, quite slim lapels and some extra deep inner pockets for my smartphone, since there's nothing that looks worse than a jacket being shaped by the contents one's pockets.

For me this jacket also illustrates the main challenge about building your own garments: It is quite hard to visualize how a piece of fabric will end up
looking as a garment from only that small square piece you are looking at, and just as the Undandy shoes I wrote about some days ago, I believe you should aim at making truly stand-out pieces of clothes if you want them made made to measure.

The rest of the outfit is quite my favorite style: I love the knitted tie, as it is both something rare to wear, and it has an appearance of being a little bit less dressy than your average tie, and that was important for me when I first started wearing ties, since in an environment where ties aren't common, you want your tie to have something a little more casual than dressy.

The cardigan-like vest is great too. It makes the outfit feel more casual than a three-piece suit would, even broken, but it still looks great.

My trousers today are a very dark shade of brown.

So, this is an outfit that is elegant yet not flashy, and that is how I like to dress.

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