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S/S Panic

S/S Panic

S/S Panic is not the name of some rather ironically named sailboat, although if I was to own a sailboat, it would be named either that, or The Unsinkable II.

I mean of course Spring/Summer panic.

It has become very clear to me that my wardrobe is very much geared for the colder Scandinavian climate, and not very much towards the warm spring and summer.

Spring and summer traditionally favors the lighter fabrics; linen, seersucker and their mixed variants, whereas autumn and winter are dominated by heavy wools including my favorite tweed.

I did manage to pick up a nice linen suit last season, and I expect to try to get a green one this year, if at all possible, but comparing with my autumn/winter wardrobe, I find that I'm lacking severely for this season.

I remember attending a conference in San Diego where it is always warm and sunny. I felt so out of place, as I couldn't get my outfits to work in the climate. Hoping to change that over the coming years.

One important thing to remember: A wardrobe is built up continuously over many years. Nobody should rush out and just buy a lot of clothes, instead you should pick up items slowly, with great consideration.


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