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Undandy shoes

Undandy shoes

I've ordered my second pair of shoes from Undandy today.

For those of you who do not know Undandy, it's a terribly dangerous site where you can custom design your own shoes. They have a multitude of styles, and materials in all sort of types and colours; leather, patent leather, suede, and canvas can be combined to create shoes that are truly unique.

It's a good way to spend a whole day just trying different types of designs, and their social media feeds are full of designs either by themselves or their customers, so it is not very hard to become inspired to create your eccentric dream shoes.

I'm going to Barcelona in the end of May to the Primavera festival, and I know from last time I was there that it entails a lot of walking and standing on asphalt and other uncomfortable surfaces, so in order to save my dear feet who normally suffer under my tendency to wear leather shoes, I decided to order a pair of sneakers from Undandy.

Undandy has a style of sneakers that can be styled as if a dress shoe. The style allows for configurations such as brogue or semi-brogue, and even double monk straps.

I decided to go a little crazy, and I built myself a green sneaker in the style of a full brogue derby shoe, with a mix of leather and canvas.

The mockup from their site looks like this:

I was very unsure of how this was going to look in real life, so I contacted Undandy on their facebook page, and had a very pleasant chat with their customer service representative. They were extremely courteous and friendly, giving me good feedback on the design I had chosen, and providing me with similar shoes to my own, as well as fabric closeups. Their customer service was simply stellar.

However, when I ordered my first shoe, the nice-looking green suede loafer above, the process was a bit less smooth. It's about a year ago, and not too long after Undandy exploded on social media, so I imagine that they did not fully anticipate their success.

When I placed my order, it was followed by a long period of absolute silence from their part. And a few weeks later when my patience was running out, I contacted them only to be told that they had "forgotten" my order, but I should be assured that it was now being prioritized as much as they could.

Then another long period of radio silence, and then a period of me writing them again and again to get updated on the delivery.

In the end I got it, but it took a long time, and cost me a great deal of frustration.

I got a shoe of high quality to my eye, but an important detail that I was not aware of when buying loafers is that you have to go a size down, since there is nothing you can adjust to make them sit closer to your foot. So I have nice loafers, but they sit a bit on the loose side when I wear them, especially without socks.

I've been promised a maximum of 17 working days this time around, so that should mean that I have them in the second week of May, which is just perfect.

So who should order from Undandy?

I belive that you should use Undandy to create shoes that otherwise don't exist.
If you are looking for brown or black dress shoes, there are many shoe brands out there that make them much better than Undandy. However there are no other sites that enables you with this amount of ease to create unusual and exciting shoe designs, so consider Undandy if you happen to have any unusual shoe ideas.

Note: This blog post is not sponsored or endorsed by Undandy - all opinions are my own.

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