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What good is a suit if you never wear it?

What good is a suit if you never wear it?

Today I wore for the first time a suit I bought, well, over a year ago.
I wore it even though I felt like I was in costume rather than dressed up. It's the suit above, and as you may see, it's rather old-fashioned.

In fact, I was told in the vintage shop where I bought it, that it should be from around the 1940's and possibly German of origin.

What the picture doesn't show is the extremely wide legs, and the very high waist, which was the style back then, but absolutely isn't anymore.

It also doesn't have any vents back, and has an elastic band in the back. So I imagine that it is for sporting use. It has both belt loops and buttons for suspenders.

It's been sitting in my closet since I bought it, waiting for an opportunity to be worn, but those opportunities can't be assumed to appear by themselves, so today I wore it.

As always when you dress radically different than people around you, I did feel quite out of place for a while, but then I got used to it, and it felt very pleasant to wear despite its heavy wool in the pre-summer sun. I wish I knew more about it - especially an exact time and tailor, but unfortunately it has no labels at all. I can tell that the buttonholes are handsewn, and I suspect much of the details are handsewn too.

Anyway, this ties in to a point of mine: Don't be afraid to create opportunities to wear the things you have in the wardrobe. This very much includes that black tie suit you have in the back. Wear it as much as possible, and if something is never worn, consider replacing it with something you will wear.

In fact, the guidelines for buying clothes should be something like this:

  • Buy fewer things of better quality
  • Get everything fitted and altered by a tailor until it sits perfectly
  • Don't ever buy something you don't plan on wearing
  • Buy things that can be mixed with things you already own

Occasionally go through things you haven't worn in a while and sort them out. Figure out whether you don't wear them because they don't fit or because they are out of style. If they don't fit, ask yourself if they can be altered. If they are out of style, consider passing them on.

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