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Wild Oscar in Oslo

Wild Oscar in Oslo

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I dislike most menswear shops. There were some in Copenhagen that I did not dislike, primarily Herrernes Magasin, Lundström and one Bertoni shop. They had much better customer service than any other shop I went to, plus they had clothes in my style and price range.

When I moved to Oslo I was a bit put down by the shops I found. The chain stores were as expected busy and not very welcoming. There is a high-end shop within walking distance that has a combination of a snobbish staff and totally over the top prices (400€ cardigans!).

Recently Cavour has been popping up all over instagram, with sterile shop pictures and top of the luxury brands. Nothing for me there.

However, I've been noticing this small shop called Wild Oscar lately. It has an interesting mix of affordable clothes my style, grooming products and cocktail mixing accessories as well.

I popped in there yesterday after work, just to see how the shop was. Among other brands, they carry the Scottish tweed-maker Walker Slater and feature their clothes quite prominently in the store (it's tweed season, so that makes sense). There are definitively some suits there I will return and try out. Prices are not too bad - About 4999 NOK for a Harris Tweed jacket, a good deal less if it's not from Harris.

They produce their own bow ties locally in Oslo from leftover fabric. The styles are cool, but the prices are in the higher end of what bow ties should cost (699 NOK a piece), but for locally produced items, I guess it is to be expected. I bought one, which I'm wearing today.


Most of all, the staff is approachable, friendly, and the shop is inviting. This is not a common combination in Oslo.

They seem to have inexpensive Made to Measure service as well, and I hope try that out at some point. When I do, I will do another review.

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